The best of Guarujá

Guarujá offers attractions for all tastes. For sport enthusiasts, nature lovers and worshipers of good food, partie or who simply want to relax and have fun with the family, there are attractions of all kinds. Check out some of these attractions we separated for you. Recalling that our receptionists are ready to inform them about these and other activities that are of interest.

Beaches Outing Gastronomy Night

Enseada´s beach

It is the largest beach in the city with 7 km. Focus on the Morro da Campina (Maluf). Frequency of tourists and sports people. At night is the main point of young people.


Pitangueiras beach

With 1,800 m of extension is the central beach of Guarujá, where was the initial development of the island. It is the site of highest concentration of tourists, because of their trade.



It holds 1.5 km long on the right wing has great waves at the left end and calm sea for swimming. At high tide it is the junction with the shore of the Married Ocean.



With 856m to extend its name derives from its geological formation. It have big waves and causes unexpected tumbles. It's great for surfing.



Has 1 km long, characterized by the boats of fishermen. It's great for swimming and fishing. It is possible to see the beaches of Pitangueiras and Enseada.



With 2.2 km long is the stronghold of old native fishermen. Known mostly for fresh seafood restaurants that are caught and made practically in the same time.



It has 750 meters in length, is considered one of the most beautiful of the island. With calm waters are ideal for swimming.


Eden's beach

Beautiful beach, has 100m long. Even without large numbers of bathers, it is after the Sorocotuba Hill, between Bay and Pernambuco. Access to the hill can be reached by car, but it is necessary to descend a trail to get to the beach.

Aluguel de bicicletas


Beach 700 meters of white sand on its banks have the most beautiful waterfall in the region forming a pool of fresh water. Considered one of the most beautiful beaches in the region, home to mansions Iporanga film along its entire length. Located 25km from the city accessed by boat or by road Guaruja - Bertioga 18.5 mi.

Aluguel de bicicletas

Sao Pedro

White sandy beach with 1290 meters long, without doubt, one of the most beautiful in the city. After Perequê beach, Guaruja – Bertioga road. There is an entrance that controls the entry and exit, because the park has a capacity of only 93 cars. There are also showers and toilets.

Beaches Outing Gastronomy Night
Acqua Mundo

Acqua Mundo Aquarium

Hailed as the largest aquarium in South America, exhibits in its 35 tanks and terrariums more than 5,000 aquatic animals of 200 different species. More than 1.2 million liters of water within a leisure complex which has a food court, theme store and auditoriums for events related to the ocean life environment.

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Craft fair

Exhibition of handicrafts and jewelry, can be found in three points: the Comercial Center Pitangueiras (Av Puglisi, 40 - Pitangueiras), Asturias Beach, next to the Summer Camp Banespa, and new installation of Handicraft, Av Mal . Deodoro da Fonseca, s / n, next to the Praça dos Expedicionários.

Carteira de sócio HI (alberguista)

Santos harbor

It is the first port in Brazil in cargo handling and installation, being the largest in Latin America and the first in the world coffee exports. Its origin dates back to 1545 and is linked to the slave trade and the trade of salt.

Cozinha equipada

Old train

Leomil Av, corner with Av Puglisi. Exposure of the old locomotive dating from the beginning of the century (1905), which linked Guarujá to Vicente de Carvalho. It was decommissioned in 1956.


Vila Belmiro (Santos FC stadium)

The Urbano Caldeira Stadium, better known as Vila Belmiro, is the largest football stadium in this region, one of the biggest football clubs in Brazil and the world. That was founded on 14 April 1912 and revealed several famous players to the world as the world idol Pele.

Mini-biblioteca e DVDteca


Theme Park of Science and Technology with replaces of inventions of the great scientists of mankind, fossils, toys demonstrating phenomena of physics, among other attractions. It also has a snack bar, ice cream and shop.

Raquetes de Frescobol

Forte dos Andradas

Opened in 1942, was the main defense of the entrance of the bay of Santos in the south of the island of Santo Amaro. Equipped with four howitzers of 240 m and a complex and efficient system of fire, has an altitude of 300m above sea level and its access road is a paved perfectly preserved. The visits are allowed on weekends.


Mirante do Morro da Campina (Maluf)

Good View and nice place to take pictures

Aluguel de bicicletas


The kiosks located on the beach of the Bay is the perfect place to relax in the afternoon. Juices, snacks and beer that are in menu.

Beaches Outing Gastronomy Night
Café da manhã

Açai Bar

Vitamins, natural snacks and all the energy of açai in various combinations. Situated on Enseada´s beach.

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Restaurant Hangar

Established on the Enseada´s beach, about 10 years, the Hangar Restaurant serves from Fish and Seafood Pizzas to, through meat and pasta dishes. It also serves great drinks.

Café da manhã

Sitio Laranjeiras Restaurant

Located in central Guaruja, the site Laranjeiras is a Restaurant Bar and Pizzeria complete that meets the most demanding public. Built with a rustic style architecture and refined signed by Roberto Cintra, the restaurant has 3 rooms and 3 floors and a unique only for events. R. Mario Ribeiro, 1469.

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Serves delicious bruschetta and various tables of appetizer, to be accompanied by cold beer. Also are served a la carte. What attracted faithful patrons is good music and responsiveness of the house. In the repertoire of many musicians mpb, bossa nova, choro and samba. R. Petropolis 81.

Beaches Outing Gastronomy Night
Café da manhã

Lucky Scoope

Opened 8 years ago in Guaruja, Lucky Scope performs a wide variety of events and parties. Can merge several musical styles in one night, since rockpop, techno and dance, the samba and pagode tipical from Brasil, pleasing all tastes and ages.

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The Arpoador is a home event, has a great structure for parties. The place is very trendy, and scenery for concerts of artists known in the media and attracted the attention of the public.

Carteira de sócio HI (alberguista)

Rio de Janeiro Street

A very charming small street in Pitangueiras, is the corner of Avenida Leomil to the Boundary Street, where they are concentrated good food, partying, shake, crush, beautiful people, tequila, caipirinha, German food, Mexican, Japanese, steak, snacks Fast, pizza, like a shopping and leisure and pleasure in the open.